The RECCOSS International Basketball League

The RECCOSS International Basketball League

The RECCOSS International Basketball League or simply RIBL is a Tokyo-Yokohama based international basketball league. In Japan, where youth basketball is still more or less limited to schools, the RIBL provides the opportunity for teams from multiple cultural backgrounds to play each other or take part in championships.

True to our motto “RECCOSS connects – cultures, languages, athletes”, the RIBL, as the first international basketball youth league in Japan, unites athletes from different countries. And although it’s been only a few months since the first match on November 8th 2014 we are convinced that the RIBL will bring lots of fun to each and every one taking part.

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Die Spielregeln

The Game-rules
– The RIBL follows the rule-set of the FIBA with following additions:

1. Age
All players in High school (14-19) are allowed to play.

2. Mixed League
Both girls and boys are allowed to play.

3. Game Length
A game is made of four quarters each lasting eight minutes with a short break between the first and last two quarters and a ten-minute-break between the second and the third quarter.
 If the game ends in a tie another two sets of three minutes each will be played until there is a winner.

4. Round-Robin League
In the RIBL each team plays each-other twice. Depending on the date set for the games a team can play more than one match in a single day. League standings are calculated via a “One Point System“ like in the NBA. The winner obtains one point. The four teams with the most points at the end of the season qualify for the RIBL Playoffs. The first placed team plays against the fourth placed; the second plays against the third in the semi finals. The two winners then play each-other in the Grand Final. For placement at the end of the season points are counted first, then the hoop difference and, if still even, the head to head comparison.

5. MVP, Best Three-Point Shooter and Top Scorer
Three individual awards will be handed out at the end of the season:
-MVP: The best player of the season (chosen by all coaches).
-Top Scorer: The player with most points scored.
-Three Point Shooter: The player with most 3-point shots.