U8 Rules

General Rules

The U8 RECCOSS LEAGUE games take place on a small sized pitch of approximately 35m x ca. 50m. The teams will compete in 7 VS 7 (including a Goalkeeper). By reducing the number of players and the pitch size, each player has more responsibility on the field and can touch the ball more often. Players and field are in perfect relations just as recommended by the German Football Association DFB for children around the age of 8 years. We play two 20min halves (5min half time) with a size 4 ball. The goals are 2m x 5m big.

Fair Play League

The so called “Fair Play League” was introduce in Germany to let the children focus better on the game. It consists of three main rules which help young players concentrate a 100% on the ball and the opponent. The U8 RECCOSS LEAGUE is a “Fair Play League” with these following three simple rules:

1. Distance between fans and pitch
Parents and visitors have to watch the game from a so called “fan zone”. The fan zone is set around 15m away from the field. By separating the parents from the pitch, players can concentrate better on the actual game. The recommended distance of 15m is close enough for parents and supporters to cheer but far enough to avoid an overload of technical directions from all around the field. This has the advantage that children can focus on technical advice from their coaches.

2. One coaching zone for both teams
The coaching zone in a Fair Play League is not separated into two. Coaches and players of both teams will work together in one and the same coaching zone to reduce rivality and negative emotions. Both coaches work together during the game and contribute to a fair and clean competition.

3. The players judge by themselves
There is no referee in a Fair Play League. The children have to take responsibility and make their own decisions during the game. This way, children can learn that they are responsible for a fair and clean game by themselves. It is also designed to make players develop leadership, push their opinion through and learn to accept rules. If an incident cannot be handled by the children alone, the coaches are allowed to help. The playing time is also stopped by one of the coaches.

Additional Rules

In general, the FIFA rules are applied. Nevertheless, we made following adjustments to make the game more suitable for this age group:

– no offside
– the goalkeeper may pick up a back pass with his hands
– only direct free kicks
– the goal keeper may throw the ball instead of a goal kick from the ground
– no yellow an red cards
– no false throw-ins
– no limits in substitutions. Players must go in and out of the coaching zone.