U12 Rules

General Rules

The U12 RECCOSS LEAGUE is currently the highest category we offer. The pitch size is increased to approx. 40m x 70m to provide additional space for the 18 players (9 vs 9). The pitch size is designed to realise field & player relations in the same way as in adult football. The playin time is increased to 30min halves (5min half time) but we still use the same size 4 ball and 2m x 5m goals.

Additional Rules

Children at the age of 12 are in the best age to learn. In addition to technical skills, they start understanding the game better. It is the age, where fundamentals are laid for their future career. By playing still 9 a side on a smaller sized pitch, children can touch the ball more often than in 11 a side games on full sized pitches. The smaller sized field creates similar situations as in adult football.
At this age group, almost all FIFA general rules are applied. There is one additional adjustment that we want to keep, though:

– no limits on substitutions. Players can also reenter the field after being substituted. A substitution must take place in the coaching zone after permitted by the referee.

By setting no limit for substitutions, all players of a team can enjoy the same amount of playing time which is essential for their development. Tired players can be taken out for a short rest to be able to play fully recovered at some point later during the game again.