U10 Rules

General Rules

In the U10 RECCOSS LEAGUE, we use a pitch size of approx. 40m x 60m. While we play 7 a side in our U8 league, we increase the number of players in our U10 league to 9 vs 9 (8 field players + 1 goalie). By adding two additional players, children take the next step towards the full size football played in 11 vs 11. The smaller pitch realises similar conditions to 11 a side full size football. We play 25min halves (5min half time) with a size 4 ball and 2m x 5m goals.

Additional Rules

In general, FIFA rules are applied. Nevertheless, we made some adjustments to make the game more suitable for this age group:

– no yellow and red cards. The referee may send a player off for up to 5min in case of rough fouls.
– a false throw-in will be corrected by the referee and repeated.
– no limits on substitutions. Players can also reenter the field after being substituted. A substitution must take place in the coaching zone after permitted by the referee.

In our U10 RECCOSS LEAGUE we do not follow the rules of the so called “Fair Play League”. Nevertheless we would like to ask parents and visitors to cheer from the designated Fan Zone.