Football in Japan is booming!

After the foundation of the first Japanese professional football league (J-League) in 1993 and the Japanese national team qualifying itself for the World Cup finals for the first time in 1998, football has increasingly become popular in Japan.

The J-League attracted many superstars like Zico, Leonardo, Jorginho, Bebeto, Dunga (all from Brazil), Guido Buchwald, Pierre Littbarski, Michael Rummenigge, Uwe Bein, Frank Ordenewitz (all from Germany), Michael Laudrup (Denmark), Dragan Stojkovic (Yugoslavia), Patrick M’Boma (Cameroon), Christo Stoitschkow (Bulgaria), Salvatore Schillaci or England’s striker Gary Linekar.

However, although Japan has consecutively participated in 5 World Cup Finals since 1998, they never managed to make it to the quarter finals, despite all effort.
One reason for this, we believe, lies in the conditions for developing young players. While football has become one of the most popular sport amongst young Japanese, there are not many opportunities for them to compete in regular leagues like in Europe.

This is why we created the RECCOSS LEAGUE!

The RECCOSS LEAGUE does not only unite all kinds of teams – school teams, club teams and international teams – it also provides regular league games, making it possible for young players to experience the difference between friendlies and league games, becoming champions or eventually getting relegated into a lower division as soon as we have enough participants.
The establishing of a league like this, we believe, will definetely contribute to the future of Japanese football.

We are always looking for companies and individuals to support us either financially or as volunteers. For more information, please contact us at:

F-Youth (U8)

Following teams are competing in the U8 RECCOSS LEAGUE this season:
1. DSTY Eagles
2. Tokyo Verdy School 
4. Yokohama Buddy CFC
5. Yokohama Kohoku SC
6. Winningdog SC
7. Estrela FC
8. Yokohama Wonderkids
9. Phoenixs FC

Fixtures Table Rules

E-Youth (U10)

140925RL-U10Following teams are competing in the U10 RECCOSS League:
1. DSTY Eagles
2. FC Nomade
3. Yokohama Buddy CFC
4. Yokohama Kohoku SC
5. FCU
7. Yokohama Kids SC
8. Tokyo Verdy School
10. Estrela FC
11. Baum FCK
12. Motoishikawa SC
13. J Sports
14. J’s
15. Kuji FC

Fixtures Table Rules

D-Youth (U12)

RECCOSS LEAGUE U12Following teams are competing in the U12 RECCOSS League:
1. DSTY Eagles
2. Yokohama Buddy CFC
3. Yokohama Kohoku SC
5. FC Nomade
6. Tokyo Verdy School
7. Trust United FC
8. FCU
9. Motoishikawa SC
10. Early Morning SC
11. Ichigao FC Brio
12. Liverpool FC IA
13. Touch of Class
14. Yokohama Kids SC

Fixtures Table Rules